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This week, we are going to learn on how to generate and increase blog traffic for your new website. I believe at this stage you have gone through the steps outlined on creating a website. If you have not read this steps, please click the link and read.

On the ways of creating a profitable website, we talked about branding your website with a ke domain, finding a reliable web host which included the list of top web hosting companies in Kenya. After doing all these, I recommended creating strong social media profiles for your website/blog.

The above methods are only for having your website live – now what will be the purpose of your website if no one visits your website? Depending on the kind of a website or blog your come up with, you must get the right strategy to increase blog traffic because it will be useless without any traffic.

And since most of you could still be new to world of websites and blogs, traffic means people visiting your website – lots of traffic means many people are coming to your website every day. We call them blog visitors. In this article, I will highlight what we shall go through this week on generating blog traffic and how to increase blog traffic in the best natural way.

Ways on How To Increase Blog Traffic Form The Right Audience

Remember am Just Highlighting this Methods

1. Correct Use of Keywords – Long tail Keywords

On the use of keywords, we will make a reference to Google search engine because its the largest search engine and its likely to remain so in the years to come. There is no doubt that keyword is the first signal that Google considers when ranking websites on its top 10 search results – remember if you are not on the first top 10 – then 80% of Internet users will not find you.

For instance if you search these keywords – ‘create a website’ and ‘create a website in Kenya’ they will give you different results on the both versions of the Google – the and (English version). My new site, the one you are reading this article from, its yet to rank for its main keywords, but the strategy its underway to make it penetrate to the top 3 search results.

The correct use of keywords and the consideration of using long tail keywords play a key role in getting organic traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask

2. Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is another way of getting good traffic to your website. You achieve this by finding blogs in your niche (not a must) and leave behind valuable comments and a link back to your website/ blog. I advise you look for blogs with an Alexa rank of 200K and below.

You can subscribe to Google alerts to know when someone publishes content related to your niche.

3. Forum Participation

Participate on different forums that give you an opportunity to leave a link back to your website. There are so many platforms out there and in Kenya we have, amon others.

4. Content Marketing

I should have listed this one as the second method of generating blog traffic because its a sure way of helping a webmaster increase blog traffic to their new website. This includes article marketing, guest blogging, video marketing, slideshare promotion, PR distribution, article prism, link wheel, and scrib marketing.

On this one, you write different article and submit them on article directories with a link back to your website. Guest blogging includes writing posts to be published by other bloggers – for instance – I accent guest post on my premier blog Video marketing includes creating of videos – from your power point, and uploading them on YouTube and sharing them on social networks for increased viewership. Slide share is the hottest way of generating traffic to your blog, create slides and ensure they have links back to your site, upload them on and share them on your social networks – crazy traffic.

5. Social Media Sharing

I know most of you thought I should have listed this method among the first ones, but surprisingly, it comes number 5 in helping bloggers increase blog traffic that is relevant to their niche. As you all know, is the number one site in Kenya and all the websites in Kenya get most of their traffic from Google – you can check this one with

However, social networks provide a strong signal to Google in its ranking algorithm and you should ensure you have the right social profiles for your website – see these article to know social media ranks.

Share you site on Facebook constantly, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus- and ensure you have the right content before sharing because visitors will end up ignoring your site.

6. Social Bookmarking

This new site, is increasing its traffic from this method. I share the content on the following sites,,,,, whenever I publish any new content. To increase blog traffic, constantly, webmasters must consider this new way of getting tons of traffic – social bookmarking is the sure way to achieve your blogging goals.

7. RSS Distribution

You allow people to subscribe to your blog through an RSS service and they will get notified every-time your publish a new post. We can call this email marketing and its very effective in Kenya – you must consider including it in your list

Now there is creating a MASTER RSS whereby you link all your RSS to one link and distribute them to RSS directories, and sit back and wait you blog traffic increase tremendously.

8. Submit Your Blog To Directories

This methods seems to fade every single day

9. Advertising

You can also decide to advertise you website through other established bloggers – either through sponsored reviews or banner ads. However, this depends on the kind of a website you have in place – if its a normal blog, just follow the above suggestions, but if its a classified website – you will have to consider advertising – I can help you at a small fee 0718 526 825 its my number.

10. Link Building Strategies

Am not sure whether to list this as an independent way of generating organic traffic to your website. This is because all the above methods help in generating links back to your site. Links back to your website provide a very strong signal to Google for its ranking purposes and you should apply all the above mentioned  to get links back to your site.

I will be discussing each of the above methods that can help you increase blog traffic independently and you cannot afford to miss this tutorial. Ensure to subscribe to my blog or like on Facebook for more updates.  In case I have not listed any of the methods that I use to generate traffic above, do not worry, I will have a detailed tutorial on how to drive crazy traffic to your website.

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    I find this to be very interesting. I have tried on number five severally but I’m yet to get real effect regarding the branding services we offer at I will sure keep an eye on your blog to make sure I get to learn on how to utilize all the other methods.

    Meanwhile, keep up the good work!

  2. says

    Thanks for posting that Peter, I appreciate that. I believe everybody wants more traffic to their blog. I remember a lot of those tips, unfortunately I forgot a lot of them too

  3. says

    Hi Peter

    Absolutely correct. All the above have a lot of meat traffic generators.The more you use on a daily basis attracts more people.Every Guru says the same thing. Thats why they are a Guru.

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